More than meticulous.

We love unlimited cleanliness. That is why we have an extra cleanliness analysis lab. Components for the Vario transmission are tested here for residual particles in the µm range to reduce the smallest residues on the components in the transmission to a minimum. This way the drive can work smoothly.

More than standard.

We test all of the components on the outside of the tractor for corrosion using salt spray tests that last up to 600 hours. Our hydraulic hoses are tested for 1 million cycles. Twice as long as is usual in the industry. And each individual tine of the Fendt Twister tedder is tested for stability 200,000 times in a 30-hour test.

Hard shell. Soft core.

Rotating knives on mowers should be low-wearing and durable. With increasing hardness, however, the risk of cracks also increases. Thanks to special hardening technology, our knives have an elastic core and an extremely hard cutting surface at the same time. This prevents cracks and premature wear as well. This is tested on a hardness testing machine for our Fendt Cutter and Slicer mowers.

Quality is the only yardstick. For us and our suppliers.

You can be sure – there is exclusively Fendt quality in every Fendt. On the one hand, because, thanks to our extremely high vertical range of manufacture, we produce nearly all components in-house, such as our Vario transmission or many individual components like housings, gears and shafts. On the other, because we place the highest demands on our suppliers. They must comply with quality standards defined by Fendt. Only then can the required release be issued. We constantly check for compliance with these standards and also evaluate our suppliers’ locations, so we can optimise production and quality processes together. Unique developed solutions come from these close partnerships.

Quality is a continuous process

The development process of a new machine at Fendt begins with the virtual construction of a vehicle in Research and Development. Then a model, the so-called mock-up is built for testing. But at Fendt, the first real prototype is already built on the regular production line a few months later. Fendt employees gather their first experiencein the areas of parts delivery, assembly procedures,tools, accessibility, etc. here and can incorporate these directly. This guarantees a high level of quality for the machine at the start of series production.

The end of the assembly line is not the end for us.

Watchful eye. Inspections at the end of the assembly line are important to us. Very important. The visible condition, optional equipment, installation and workmanship, functional tests – all of these are planned. And anything that is unplanned is logged, electronically documented and, of course, corrected. Here at the end of the line we want to be 100% sure that each and every customer gets exactly the right tractor.

For combines, we also put special emphasis on quality during transport. We protect them against dirt, moisture and scratches with a 4 by 10 metre “pyjama”, which offers unique delivery quality, even in the winter. Furthermore, to ensure an absolutely clean cab, the seat, steering wheel and dashboards are protected with plastic foil.

Built with experience.

Only the best employees can build the best tractors on the market. With 2.0 percent, Fendt has one of the lowest fluctuation rates in the indus- try. That means that the knowledge and experience that has been gained by employees remains at Fendt. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation and plays a vital part in achieving above-average quality. On average, a Fendt employee is a part of the company for 15 years. During this time, they are qualified according to need. Furthermore, Fendt workplaces are designed according to the so-called “Aging Workforce” principle: e.g. they feature height-adjustable components, pivoting devices and lifting aids for heavy components. This way we can improve accessibility and create a more ergonomic workplace. Only healthy and satisfied employees can deliver the best performance and build quality for you.

You drive and lead. Because the best employees think ahead.

Leaders drive Fendt. Fendt drivers know that. Everyone in our staff feels especially committed to this motto. That means, always think through and optimise each detail again and again. We use modern methods for this – for example the Japanese Poka Yoke. This is a principle comprising several elements, which include technical measures or facilities to permit immediate discovery and prevention of mistakes (key-lock principle). This guarantees that every screw union is done according to the technical specifications, for example with the defined torque and angle of rotation. For maximum quality and maximum safety.

Thinking outside of the box. Developed together.

Students, who do their internship at Fendt, also bring fresh wind and new ideas. To drive research and development forward, we cooperate with research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute. For example, important knowledge for future production has been gained through measurements of glass tension. The collaboration with the University of Ulm enabled us to further develop the bonding processes of the cab window panes.

Pass on knowledge.

Determine. Pass on. Act. Without delay. To permit faults to be remedied immediately, several cascading team meetings are held every day with different groups of participants. All Fendt factories hold shop floor meetings where deviations that have been detected are discussed and assigned, which then allows targeted countermeasures to be taken. The information flows from individual employees, over the team manager up to the factory management. And vice versa. Because only the fast transfer of information results in fast action. The whole thing is supported by quality further education and training as well as the AGCO University.