Extremely durable. Our tests around the world.

Your work is significantly influenced by the properties of the soil and the weather. Independent of the season and local circumstances, your Fendt vehicle performs its work reliability. Because we test geological and climatic suitability under the toughest conditions and in the most extreme locations. Our machines are suitable for any kind of terrain. For example, we tested the 1000 Vario in the desert in Arizona to expose it to extreme conditions with the finest quartz sand and average temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

The Fendt test engineers learned about the differences between heat and cold with the 936 Vario at the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden. Permafrost there made it ideal for testing driving manoeuvres on icy surfaces.

An old virtue? We find thoroughness to be very modern.

We take time for quality. At least five percent of the Fendt machines produced undergo additional, comprehensive product testing in addition to our numerous regular inspections. Our quality testers spend at least three hours checking every little detail in a comprehensive product audit of a randomly selected tractor. For example, to make sure that our high standards are maintained, a vibration sensor measures the vibrating speed of components in the cab and the force of closing the door is measured with a force sensor.

Come what may. Because we have already simulated your work day.

Only one thing is tougher than reality. A test in our full-vehicle test bed. We not only simulate real operating conditions here – we deliberately exaggerate them. For example, we test the effect of underdraft forces on the tractor when ploughing. To do this, we apply a load of up to 15-tonnes to each of the tractor’s axles using ratchet straps.

We also test the effects of air currents and extreme weather – such as those found in Italy. A 4 x4 metre nozzle delivers hot laminar flow. We used this to blow a 45-degree Celsius backwind on a test machine and deliberately created a short circuit in the cooling system. Thanks to the measuring results, we were able to improve the settings and transfer these to the field test. Afterwards, a Fendt is very well-prepared for real life in agricultural operations.

We have a thick skin when it comes to corrosion protection.

Whether it is pounded with stones or hard crop – the coating on our machines has to stand up to a lot. That is why we pay special attention to corrosion protection. Even when the surfaces are not visible. In our high-tech spray booths, specialised robots apply a 250 to 300 µm layer of paint on every tractor body. This is many times higher than the automotive standard. It allows us to achieve a coating that effectively protects against corrosion and wear. This is possible through coating technology based on electrostatics. The tractor body and paint particles are charged, so the particles are attracted to the surface of the component. This distributes the paint particles very uniformly. And on the Fendt combines, we also coat the inner components for true durability.

Precision with laser technology

To achieve the highest possible accuracy, our components are recorded and measured with the aid of a laser scanner. The results are then compared to the CAD data and a target/actual comparison is created. Our measuring technology experts recognise immediately and precisely, where the contours already fit and where they have to be corrected, before the series production parts end up in your tractor. But lasers are also used during the production process for precision checking. For example, to check the angle when chamfering the seat console or checking the surface after deep drawing the tractor bonnet. With the aid of a 5-axis laser, 3-D measurements can be created for the components.

We put everything under water to make sure everything is leak-proof.

The Fendt cab is your workplace. We check more than 60 points with the help of a defined checklist. We put every cab through a sound protection test so that you can do your work in peace. With the help of ultrasound technology, Fendt employees can find every single crack, no matter how small. Our proprietary, thorough test procedure was even adopted by a well-known Swabian automobile manufacturer. Every day three Fendt cabs undergo an intensive rain test and are checked for moisture penetration to make sure that you are not left standing in the rain. This way we comply with the high standards for commercial vehicles. And you sit high and dry.

Always in stock for you. You harvest work hours non-stop.

In particular during the harvest time, you and your Fendt give everything you have. Although your Fendt was developed for the toughest conditions, wearing parts still need to be replaced at some time. Premature defects may also occur due to unforeseen influences. We provide you with triple security against long, and therefore expensive, downtimes. First of all, you can reach our certified dealer seven days a week and around the clock. Second, we have essential spare parts in stock in your vicinity, so they are available to install in your machine within 2 to 3 hours. In general we deliver nearly 99% of the parts by the next morning, during the season even for orders up to 6:45 pm. Third, we give you a twelve-month guarantee on all parts and repair costs, when installed by one of our partners. You can remain cool, even in unexpected situations – because Fendt is always there for you.